5mg was enough.

10mg was a tad bit much.

Perhaps I could have SUBMITTED to myself by opting into the Injections.

Alas, I couldn't muster the Courage to Continue... I have decided to RETURN to my Former Self and error-correct my decisions from a *non-medicated perspective.

My writing henceforth shall be in documentation of my Self-Observation.

For those Concerned & Interested, you know how to reach me ~~

Currently Reading:

The Fourth Way by G.I.

Oh the Agony of being unable to Love what Loves you the MOST!!

To be Debilitated from Service then Restored from Remembrance... To fall IN LOVE again after falling out... is this natural process or programmed?

[[ When everything seems possible but then suddenly falls apart when the lights are turned off only to be RESTORED when the room is Illuminated once more!! ]]

My Beloved has me and I have my Beloved [once more].

It's NOT You.  

Well, it's not the REAL You (Spirit, I AM}.  

That being said, Astrology is a SUPERB Tool to Understand your strengths, balance your weaknesses, and create Harmony in your day-to-day and long-term relationships. 

It'll help you BE More COMFORTABLE with your Current Situation.

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Yours in Service

Jerry (Jai)

The Metaphysical AdventurerYours in Service, Jai The Metaphysical Adventurer

Emojis are AWESOME --  In Fact they are...

... ways of Communicating via Pictures, which is becoming an increasing trend in modern, digitized society, especially via popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.  And can even be found as a Fun Browser Extension in Chrome or Opera.

Man-made laws are merely a reflection of the Universal Law(s) 

Universal Laws are Just and Exact.  Many people experience poverty and hardships when not in harmony with Universal Law.  For those Desiring TRUTH, it is of Great Urgency to Know Thy Self...

I've experienced man-made laws, particularly governmental to not be in service to humanity and even cause there to be disharmony within the Universal Laws.

Humbled by Experience

After my humbling experience in Indonesia, I realized that it would face too much resistance to make my IMPACT in this platform with my current influence-- and decided that it wasn't in my best interests to continue via lone-wolf mentality.

I've discovered A LOT of people lacking purpose in their daily activities and as a result find themselves experiencing very little freedom in their chosen lifestyle.  If you desire more direction and fulfillment from your chosen activities, feel free to use this as guidance.

Something that I learned from the School of Metaphysics that I've found to be tremendously effective in maintaining a directive mindset is the concept of following an IDEAL, PURPOSE and ACTIVITY for each intention.

Sometimes I receive undproductive thoughts such as:

It's too hard.  I need someone to tell me how to do things.  My time is limited so I need to spend it doing the RIGHT things so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.  The risk is too great.  That's going to take too much effort.  I'm too BUSY with other things.  My YEARNING is not a priority-- such things are not applicable in the 'real world'.